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Reviewing this bc you told me to on twitter and now I feel obligated!

You've got a lot of good stuff here but I feel like there's also a lot of filler, like at 0:17, 1:56, 2:03 and that part where it's just a blue ass stick figure walking. In the other responses you said you were trying to show off some of the unreleased stuff you did too so I guess you're aware of this already. But I concur - if you're showing this to studios you're gonna want to make sure it's all killer all the way through!

A lot of the clips use a very similar stylization where the dudes are just one color w/ no clothes. That stuff is fine but you want to make sure people don't think you're just doing that as a crutch. I know ur probably not doing it as a cheat but employers won't know that, so get some more guys with clothes in there!

^ that's all to do with the presentation though, and I'm assuming you wanted me to review the content. Well idk it all looks decent to me. I think your animation ability is stronger than your art ability, so if you really want to focus your efforts toward getting a job I'd say work on that. That was actually a pretty big problem with me for a while, but then I started doing more pencil and paper stuff and it rekindled my interest in that side of things. Find some comic artists you like and try to steal their style. As long as no one's done it in motion it's fair game! Also, if you can pull off really detail-heavy stuff in motion it looks really impressive for some reason.

Hope that helps. Keep it up!

Yusuf responds:

I'm definitely gonna be making a 1 minute studio reel when the time comes, cutting out all that practice stuff.

Yeah, the one color guy thing is a problem at this point (that I realized long before editing this reel), just because on that day I can't be bothered to put in detail and just want to focus on the animation - and then I end up animating entire sequences like that. I have no problem with drawing clothes and stuff, it's just the way a lot of my animating has gone.

My animation is absolutely my strong suit, and I know I have to put in some serious time to develop my art ability and general style. I just need to draw more, I've really fallen out of it in recent years - I guess I have the same problem you once had. Pencil and paper is a great suggestion because I find myself putting in a lot more effort and care when I have to use a physical medium, especially when doing life drawing, which has helped train me somewhat in drawing faster with more confidence and energy - I just need to get more used to it and start doing it all the time.

I always hated having to do the detailed stuff at school, cos something that would take someone else a couple hours would take me 10. It would come out looking good, but I'd end up hating my life and everything about it! Hopefully animating detailed stuff will be different, what with all the digital crutches.

Thanks a lot for your time man! I'll be keeping all your words in mind.

hahaha "on point"

I love it

AntonM responds:

Thanks Emrox!!!

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I like the game! This morning I asked Bill if he could sing a few lines on a song I'm producing and he said he'd do it in exchange for a review of his new game, so for the sweet sound of Bill's voice I'm going to write up some stuff I thought about while playing the game.

When I started the game for the first time I wasn't sure if I was playing user-generated levels right away or something curated to introduce the rules of the game. Actually, I'm still not sure. The rating thing after each screen suggests it was all user-created but I thought maybe it would start out with some basic introductory levels and then graduate to random user levels at some point. That seems like a very minor thing, but I think knowing whether or not these are "intro levels," or even just "game-designer-created levels" makes a difference with how I approach them - I sort of expect the author-created levels to be very deliberate and have their design ideas unobfuscated by randomly placed platforms or whatever, so if I don't know if the level is created by the game designer, I don't know how much I should be reading into level design to see if it's trying to show me something. As a quick fix I would have some kind of indication if they're player made, like a little thing that says the author of the level when you start, or even just a tutorial that is very overtly tutorial-y with the text in the background that tells you what to do n shit so that when it gets to the random user levels they are very obviously the user-made levels. Taking "we barely got this done in time" into account, I'm guessing that's the sort of concern that would be addressed with a little more time in the oven, so whatever!

I also thought it was weird that restarting doesn't take you back to the same level you were on. It would be nice to be able to use what you learned from that particular failure, instead of re-rolling until you get an easy enough level.

The big explodey death balls were cool but I almost feel like they would be cooler if they didn't speed up & home in on you when you get in range - like they're fun because they're a big looming threat that you have to learn to work around, but they would always blow up on me pretty shortly after appearing so I would never get to do anything cool to avoid them. I feel like it would be cool if they just slowly followed you around and didn't ever rush into to you, and they did a ton of damage or insta-killed so that they don't always get to you but just have a very threatening presence. I get why this sort of thing could be weird - if too many death balls spawn they would probably bunch up and just be a weird cluster of death balls following you around, but you could probably fix that by giving them an acceleration thing, kinda like the flying mask in mario 2, but slower.

Hm this "review" is getting into backseat-game designer territory, so I will cut it off there! I'm looking forward to seeing what this turns into with the future updates. Good work guys!

PsychoGoldfish responds:

Yeah but did you use Firefox?

I'm posting this to say I beat it and I want to brag about it!

I sympathize with the people who say it's too punishing - there were a few times where I had an idea of how to solve a puzzle but to get to the puzzle I had to run past some jugs or cats or whatever and I would die like 50 times on the thing that I didn't care about just to get another try at the part I was trying to solve. I also didn't like having to wait around for the picking of the flowers, and even though there were a few puzzles that were dependent on that, it added an extra bit of annoyance to the retrying over and over thing.

I really liked the puzzles though! And I like the level of challenge, I think just minimizing those sorts of annoyances would make it more appreciable. Some other gripes - I didn't like that there were petals just for aesthetic particle stuff, like if it's a main game mechanic there shouldn't be other stuff that looks exactly the same with no real function. I don't know what the non-coin jugs were for. It was also weird not knowing where it was saving checkpoints (actually I thought the jugs were doing that for a little bit?) These are minor things but when the game is really hard and potentially frustrating, the little things can add up!

HealliesGames responds:

You have every right to brag about it. x)

The fact that puzzles actually leave you thinking is a great achievement for me, as I feared they might be too intuitive.

Currently static jugs were used only for aesthetics, only to make exclaim at the first enemy jug encountered: "What the..." ahah!
The fact that they were outlined by the black border, pretended to be some kind of interactable object.

I fully agree on the particles.
I chose to recycle the petal sprite to dampen the time and dedicate myself to other things to arrive in time for the jam.

In addition, a little extra speed on picking the flower may decrease the rigidity.

Thanks for the detailed review, in these days I will try to fix by following your valuable suggestions.

gotta love that shove'

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Haha! I just now found out you uploaded this. How many people did I get to harass you about uploading the music file?

tilman responds:

not enough :D

Amazing work, man.

SeiyruRenaih responds:

DAAAAH AP AP AP AP AP AP Thank you, sir!

When life hands ME lemons

I eat every one of them in a single bite.

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i dont get it

BillPremo responds:

I will fucking kill you.

Greatest saga in webcomic HISTORY.

oh boy

oh boy is that plenty of pentagons

turtleco responds:

lotta 'gons for all da good boys and girls

it's still coming. but thanks for checking in

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