2014-08-25 19:08:41 by Emrox

Hey cadets!

So this summer I was gonna try and finish a cartoon I haven't started yet. It's weird because I used to be able to just force myself to get to work, but it's almost like I'm so proud of this script, I can't get anything done on it 'cause I'm afraid I'll fuck it up. It's also been re-written maybe 20 times since 2012. And I've redesigned the characters twice, which is 200% more times than any other project.

I'm going to school in Canada now. If you write "eh" in the comments fuck you no one says that. Anyway, if you live anywhere near Oakville or Brampton ON, lemme know maybe we can do a thing. By the way I'm going to the WORLD RENOWNED #1 ANIMATION SCHOOL IN THE UNIVERSE Sheridan college. I'm going for game design.

anyway that's it stay tuned for a longer post in maybe a week

vv here are some of the characters I had to throw away. I still like them



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2014-08-25 19:17:48

Welcome to Canada man!
Unfortunately I live in western Canada.

That's pretty rad that you're going to school for game design. Good luck there!


2014-08-25 19:20:28

"game design"


2014-08-25 19:26:40

Thats awesome; sheridan pumps out some serious talent. You're gonna be a god in a few years. good luck with all that!

Emrox responds:



2014-08-25 19:38:51

swing down to Waterloo sometime!

Emrox responds:

Oh hey wow that's not too far away


2014-08-25 19:40:51

Let's just hope Murica doesn't go all batshit while you're away... if we start WWIII, they might deport you, or tag you as an enemy alien student or something. It's a big move, and I wish you all the success you can handle :)

Emrox responds:

Actually, if the entire nation goes insane I think I'm in the best place to be.


2014-08-25 20:24:08

Marty, unblock me from Skype.
Also, me and your bro and I have been hanging out.

Emrox responds:

whoa josh two's a party but three's a crowd


2014-08-25 21:01:45

You sound like a communist. America is the greatest country in the world and canada is just our cover band.


2014-08-25 22:08:28

I say eh...


2014-08-25 23:19:34

tuition sucks.


2014-08-25 23:31:00

yoo I got friends going to Sheridan. For Drama/Musical Theater though.


2014-08-26 00:21:09

"no one says that"

Oh-ho, yes they fucking do.


2014-08-26 05:32:03

trip kip


2014-08-26 11:41:44


2014-08-26 12:32:37

Emrox yay!


2014-08-26 12:48:41

People in canada do say eh alot. Believe the hype.
Having been to toronto, montreal and ottawa, i can confirm.

Emrox responds:

I haven't heard it once yet. Maybe I'm just lucky. Or deaf.


2014-08-27 01:30:13

You might be gay eh? Dave pagurek is.