help me help you!

2013-06-20 22:08:42 by Emrox

Hey friends

If you're following me on twitter or facebook, you may have heard I'm looking for work so I don't end up flipping burgers for the summer. If you want to help me out, I'm always willing to draw a picture an animate an icon if you have a few extra bucks. OR if you know where I can find some freelance work, just leave a comment below. So if you know a friend or you have some connections with people that might need a guy, put in a good word for your old pal Emrox and I'll give you an IOU high-five and smooch.


I haven't done a whole lot since my last update, BUT I did go to Pico Day back when that was relevant. I spent a while talkin to a lotta cool guys, notably Manly-Chicken, Brewster, Tom, Oney, BPremo, and Tyler among others. If you met me and I didn't say much, I apologize- I'm a bit of a shy person.

My brother Pjorg and I made a movie scientifically designed to be the funniest cartoon in history. He has braces, so with the filter it looks like he has holes in his teeth.

I also made a SICK ANIMATION VID TUTORIAL about smears, just because I hate seeing people that use 'em without knowing why.

Also in the pipeline is an awesome toon of epic proportions. It might just take up the next few months. 'CAUSE IT'S HUGE. Pjorg and I spent the whole last month just writing and refining the script, and we can safely say you're gonna blow a hole in your pants when you see this thing.



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2013-06-20 22:20:44

If you love me leave a comment. I get lonely :C


2013-06-20 22:20:48

Good luck with your quest for work! If I catch wind of anything, I'll make sure to let you know! Also: are there any animation studios near you? It might also be worth it to walk over and say hi to them in case they do summer internships or anything like that.

Also: I am greatly looking forward to having my pants be made holy. Keep up the good work!

Emrox responds:

I live way out in generic suburbia. Not many studios of any sort, sadly.


2013-06-20 22:26:05

I don't love you or implore tat help is a valuable asset


2013-06-20 22:34:47

o wow you got to meet all those people at pico day? how was that?

Emrox responds:

It was real swell! Had a blast.


2013-06-20 22:36:47

Hey if you're looking for work, don't forget to stick an ad up in the collabinator!
... I know that doesn't typically involve paid work, but you can always mention that your services aren't going to be free. c:

Emrox responds:

Hey thatsa notta bad plan


2013-06-20 22:36:57

Even if you don't know why you're getting a pap smear, I can't imagine it being a bad thing. gives the best pap smears.


2013-06-20 22:42:56

I don't have work for you sorry, but i want to ask something, you really are 16? Damn, you sure have achieved a lot of stuff as animator having the same age i do D:

Emrox responds:

I remember when I was 13ish I would always compare myself to what all the young animators were doing when they were my age. Looking back, though, I think I've grown to be a lot better than those guys are today. Just don't be discouraged by your contemporaries, I guess. Just try to be unique and you'll probably pick up steam somewhere.


2013-06-20 22:50:52

Yo man, I might know of a couple opportunities for an animation gig.
I'll put in a good word for you and let you know! ;3

(Updated ) Emrox responds:

Hey! Thanks pal!


2013-06-20 23:06:04

and me too!

Emrox responds:



2013-06-20 23:11:42

Dude, if you ever need to make a sick ass game I can always help you. ;) ;) ;) <3 8=====D XD Lol


2013-06-21 00:06:42

Pjorg is your brother?
The plot thickens...

Emrox responds:

Aaaa I forgot I met you at the thing! Much love, friend <3


2013-06-21 01:37:07

I cant say I need your assistance. I'm too busy learning to play bagpipes.

But I can recommend a guy. He loves getting animators to help him, so shoot him a PM.


2013-06-21 01:56:18

Hey man, thanks for the tutorial. I realize now that I've definitely been an offender in some of these areas. Here's my go at following your advice; I think it came out reasonably well for my first try, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Let me know if you think I still need to work on it more! e9b9106783a7ecb57f5491

Emrox responds:



2013-06-21 04:28:23

Ah man, we all flipped burgers. Plus it could be a great place to meet chicks!
Great tutorial!


2013-06-21 11:13:25

youre just too damn shy marty.

Emrox responds:

I won't disagree


2013-06-21 13:00:36

I.... I lo lo lo lov lov love you... marty...


2013-06-22 04:07:23

You and your brother made me proud with that video. I give you a gentlemanne's salute.


2013-06-22 18:10:52

cool :-)


2013-06-22 23:37:42

Was this my fault?

Emrox responds:

yes everything


2013-06-23 10:08:12

Cerealy dude, chicks. Just be funny and light hearted, and you'll make a few duckets and meet some girlys :)

Emrox responds:

I've never likened myself to cereal in the past, but I can definitely see your point.


2013-07-28 21:03:39

Can I have some money?


2013-08-10 19:24:00

Your eyes are staring into my soul.