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I've got a BIG GAME coming out!!

Posted by Emrox - April 20th, 2019

Usually when I write a new post on here it's because I've been thinking about some topic for a long time and I just need a place to put it out there so I can stop thinking about it. This is kind of like that, but instead of thinking about a topic, I've been thinking about this big fuckin game I've been making over the past 8 months. This means I'm a lot more scatterbrained about the thing and I have no idea what I'm about to write, but I definitely want to tell you about this thing so let's go!!!!!!

Trail Mix is a co-op puzzle platformer about creating weird shapes of guys and using your weird shapes to navigate a 2D space. We made it as our thesis project for our final year of school, and it's probably the coolest thing I've ever worked on. It's coming out for FREE as a downloadable game for Mac and PC on April 26, and hopefully a we'll have a web build for NG coming up real soon.


  • 13 Levels - 8+ hours of brain-bustin puzzle platforming!
  • Secret bonus collectibles for extra challenge!
  • That HOT classic newgrounds flash game aesthetic!
  • The guys look at each other!

Now I know you're all creaming over that trailer and can't wait for the 26th, but guess what you don't have to because the game is already 99% done and you can play the 99% done version RIGHT NOW on itch.io: https://puzzsoft.itch.io/trail-mix

Why would we release a 99% done game, you say?

The concisest way of putting it is that our big deadline for having the game done was last Thursday, but we didn't want to release it then because we were spending all our time finishing the game and not hyping everyone up for the big "launch." But also our deadline was actually just a big student showcase event and we wanted to be able to tell people they could go home and download the game right away. So you can grab the game right now, but we're also going to make little fixes up until we roll out version 1.0 on the 26th.

Is it futile to try and hype up a free game that's actually already out? Maybe! But if you want to help us out, (and it would be greatly appreciated!!!!) you can follow our fake company PuzzSoft on twitter and retweet promo stuff to help us get the word out. If you do twitch streams or let's plays I would be forever grateful to anyone who wants to play our game in front of an audience! (That said, I highly recommend you actually play with two people! It's possible to play the game solo, but the one-player mode is really just a debug feature we left in. It is not the intended way to play the game!)

Why am I so invested in spreading the word about a free game no one will profit from?

I'm seriously really proud of this game and I think it's got a lot of great stuff in it that I really don't think you'll find anywhere else. When we were collectively designing this game we looked at a lot of really cutting-edge indie puzzle games, and we ended up subverting a lot of the stuff that's trendy right now, even though it's already a super niche space for game design to begin with. Actually, I wrote a devlog on one such idea. We had to write a lot of development process stuff as part of our grade, but if you like design stuff or my writing you can check those out.

What is PuzzSoft?

Every team had to have a team name so that was ours! We are:

Michael (@magnivez)



And me!

PuzzSoft Homepage

PuzzSoft on Twitter again

Fuck it here's the game link again

I have a lot more to say about the game but I'll save it. Please play my game!

Hey wait a minute where have you been all this time?

I told you school!!!!!!! And all last year I freelanced on Pencilmation, which I'm going back to doing now that school's done. See I told you I was busy!!!!




Comments (5)

looks really fun
nice concept
really original

Well, I agree.

looks great, was looking for a new coop game to play with a friend, cant wait to get my hands on it

The game's looking really good, and I enjoyed reading everything you wrote about it and seeing how it all came together! (Also idk how tight your program is but do you know a Zach from Ottawa also graduating now? We made animations together back in the seventh and eighth grades)

Thanks Dave! Really nice to hear from you.

Zach is actually one of the few people I know from the animation program. I found out he knew you a little while ago, but I guess I've never mentioned it! He's nice! We had breakfast yesterday.

"That HOT classic newgrounds flash game aesthetic!" well I have to agree here, kind of nostalgic in some way, while looking sharp, also the mechanic looks pretty cool! Good work getting it done!