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Hitting a new low!

9/4/13 by Emrox
Updated 9/4/13

If you missed it, I just released a new toon featuring the vocal talents of Apatheria. Check it out!

Coincidentally, I also turned 17 yesterday. FUN RIGHT? You know what would be a great gift? FRIENDS. Go leave a message or strike up some discussion in the comments section. It's always fun to read.

I know I usually do a big post talking about all my submissions from the last year, but I don't have a whole lot to talk about anymore with twitter and skype etc etc etc. BUT I still went through with the yearly portrait - and I put a little more time into it than years previous so maybe that'll make up for the brevity of this post.

Well that's it! I'm working on a bunch of new and exciting things, two of which are very behind-the-scenes-y projects. Stay tuned!

(my style changed a lot more than I'd realized. whoa!)

Hitting a new low!


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Oh you silly thing.

You've really gone and done it know.



people have 5 fingers on each hand not 4
you're silly



Happy birthday brudda! Keep on astounding the world constantly!



Birthday? You have one of those dude? Woah. Well, happy belated birthday then!

Happy birthday you crazy kid :) got mad respect for all those frames you stick together!

9/6/13 Emrox responds:

haha thankya dude!

Respect at 17 and making toons like a motha fucka :) good job!

9/6/13 Emrox responds:

hell yeaaah

Looks like another Mario game.

I can't keep up with all the Nintendo stuff these days.

It's crazy.

9/6/13 Emrox responds:

mmm couldn't agree more. Miyamoto isn't doing anything new these days, is he?


9/5/13 Emrox responds:

always appreciated <3

Dude happy birthday!

9/5/13 Emrox responds:

aaaah I haven't talked to you in forever, dude!

Happy birthday you insanely talented animator! Can't wait to see some of your new projects!

9/5/13 Emrox responds:

Haha glad to hear it!

Happy b-day man!

9/5/13 Emrox responds:

Much love <3



Happy birthday, you talented, constantly-experimenting, swanky nutcase.

9/5/13 Emrox responds:

Thankya pal!

u frendfood

9/5/13 Emrox responds:


What's up. This is a message that might strike up some discussion.

9/5/13 Emrox responds:

whaddaya think of the latest luigi?



I thought we were biffles

9/4/13 Emrox responds:

and we always shall be. (smooch)

Your art and animation just keep on improving so fast, dude!

9/4/13 Emrox responds:

haha thanks again man <3



Happy Belated birthday!!! And I Love the change you've went through with your drawings. It looks awesome.

9/4/13 Emrox responds:

thanks, dude!

Hey baby ;3 <3

9/4/13 Emrox responds:




B-day pics for your self are the best!!!

9/4/13 Emrox responds:

it's like a gift straight from me to me

ops, meant to say your*

i WOULD say youre 16 art style there looks better..but it reminds me too much of jazzas art style , so......... happy birthday ^^

9/4/13 Emrox responds:

haha thanks!



I came here to wish happy birthday, but I forgot what I was going to say.
Can I have money?

9/4/13 Emrox responds:

you got it!



I'll be your friend.

9/4/13 Emrox responds:

can never have too many

Happy birthday broseph

9/4/13 Emrox responds: