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more DOLLAH talk!

2017-02-13 22:54:43 by Emrox

Entry 3 in my new "money guy" series. You don't need to read the other ones, but here's 1 and 2 anyway. Short version is I'm really into stocks and brokering now, and I'm gonna talk about it!

A couple weeks ago I stopped running ads on my youtube videos. I've never been one of those anti-ad guys - I've always felt that the people who are offended by advertising are using adblock anyway. And that's where I'd draw the line - if you could block or skip an ad, it was cool. I've always hated when people put a fucking audible read at the end of their videos fully knowing the promo code wouldn't work in a year and would permanently scar the content. Anyway my boy patty eventually sold me on full out ad-atheism, I think his main points were that people don't like them, they get in the way of the content, and they don't bring in much $$$ anyhow.

But now that I've been thinking about it I've started to realize the problem with ads goes a lot deeper. Ads as an income source are inherently unstable because people don't want to see them. The second someone is offered the choice not to see ads, they'll take it. Remember Tivo? People were effectively paying not to see commercials!

Adblock doesn't effect me much because I don't live off ad money, but when ad-circumventing affects big businesses, you get to see a lot of weird 4th-wall shit where companies desperately plead for you to turn off your blockers!



aw man! not my favorite website!

I've never understood these. If I'm blocking ads, wouldn't you presume I'm not going to click on one anyway? If I were an advertiser, I certainly wouldn't want someone to see my brand with that kind of reluctance!

I assume the reason corporations want you to disable adblocker even if you never click on ads is because they still get paid for impressions - it doesn't matter whether or not the ads actually work. But doesn't that remind you of a little something called...


Again, if you're an advertiser, this fucks you out of money. But this little bit of shadiness is really just a side-effect of a bigger issue: when you run ads, you're signing into a system that's bound to change. Unfortunately, some people get pretty comfortable tailoring many years of work to something that's fundamentally volatile.

Remember when youtube changed how their ad money was distributed and all the animators got fucked over? Nowadays there are hundreds of videos of people complaining about every little change in youtube's "algorithms" because some little change in a variable made half their content obsolete. Creators always make the execs out to be bad guys, but whether they know it or not, they're getting fucked because they've tailored their work for success on the platform. Of course, the platform doesn't "owe" the artists anything, so if a small change means more money for the big guys overall, you'll just be another casualty of progress.

What's the moral? Don't sign into someone else's thousand-foot formula.


 (You know, like advertising)

Forty years from now the 10-minute video standard will be arbitrary and all those "subscribe/next video" screens will be nonsense. Your watermark will be a dead link, and your promo codes will be meaningless. If you have any sort of relevance, your videos will probably be preserved in some other format, and until you know what that is, it's probably a better idea just to make things that YOU want to make that aren't tailored for anything.

So how do we make money for our art? I can't say if this is realistic at all, but I really think we've got the right idea with supporter upgrades and patreon funds. Merch is pretty cool if you can swing it, though I haven't dipped my dick in that world just yet. If you've ever heard of Red Bar the guy who does that is pretty adamant about the no ads stuff, and honestly I think it's some of the only great internet content that isn't bending one way or another to please advertisers or rake in clicks. His whole theory is that if the content is good enough, people will pay for bonus content and merch, and he won't have to resort to any shady tactics to scam people for ad impressions.

If you didn't read the other posts, my new model is pretty similar - I'm selling source files for every new cartoon I make. This means I can actually put more time and effort into my cartoons, and they'll probably sell better if I do! Now I have to make things that are actually interesting and worth paying for, which will still have value long after the store is taken down. See? There's a silver lining.



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